Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Any idea? - Life in the street

It's 00:28 am right now in Bandung, Indonesia. I never thought I could write something this late night.
But here it goes...

Whenever I see people on the street, I wonder life is really tough.
The smoke from passing vehicle, don't make the people on the street quit the jobs they do.

Most of them are drivers.
Some of them are salesman.
Some of them are homeless people.
Some of them are beggar.
And some of them are street singer.

Of course there are also bad guy there.
Like pickpocket, and crook.

As you can see, the life on the street is really tough.

Well maybe not in your street.

And the most irritating thing is that I can do nothing about it.
This is my hometown. I really hope I can do something.
Any idea?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Where is The Indonesian Youth Today?

Where is the Indonesian youth today?
Some answered, here we are!
others were not answered.
some asking the same question,
where is the Indonesian youth today?

The real question is not to be answered, nor for no answer, but we must think together, with a clear mind, a mind not troubled.

Where is the Indonesian youth today?

Oh, I see it, they were there at the school bench, at their junior high, high school, and college.

Uh, but why some are not schools, they even play in the streets, selling whatever they can sell, even begging.

Uh wait, but why some are not on the streets, they play hooky from school, with their friends, relieving stress in crazy ways.


Where is the Indonesian youth today?

Some tried to find identity
Some surrendered to fate
Some do not do anything

Some worked
Some worked hard for their family

Some continue to have fun
Some continue to complain
Some do not know anything

Some are optimistic to meet the future
Some fears waiting for tomorrow

Some healthy
Some sick

Some strong
Some weak

Where is the Indonesian youth today?

Complaining will not end anything.
Young people should not stop working, should not stop dreaming.
No complain. No upset.
No giving up.

Where is the Indonesian youth today?

Satu nusa, satu bangsa
Satu bahasa kita
Tanah air pasti jaya
Untuk slama-lamanya

Indonesia pusaka
Indonesia tercinta

Nusa bangsa dan bahasa
Kita bela bersama


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Are You Ready?

The new era has come.
All of us can see 2012 going to be a hard year.
Will be like depression in 2008.
And some of the expert said it will be even more worst.
Because American economics still not stable, meanwhile Europe is in big trouble settling their debts.

But no one can really predict the future.
Because the future is belong to ourselves.

Just like America and Europe, me right now is also need bailout.
But who can help?

Nobody can give such big amount money today.

So now it's all depend to us to make the changes.
The new era has come.
The new economy will rise.

Am I ready to changes?
Are you ready?

Thursday, August 25, 2011


I have failed.

And it doesn't feel good. I have been disappointing.
Now, the time is up. And I have failed.
Like playing a game, it will end, and someone have to lose.
And this time I am the one that lose.

But it's okay. Time will not come back.
Life is never easy. Maybe death will be easier.
But we all only have one chance to live.
So even if life is never easy, it will be easier at the end.

Dream and hope are the only remaining asset I have.

Let's start it again.
Even in the darkest place, hope will guide us to the light.

Please forgive me, make me someone who is grateful to You. Always.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Three Hundred Dollars A Day

When we talk about money, I am positive that we all once have trouble with it.
Just like myself now. This month I don't know how to settle my debt that goes into $1,500.
While my whole debt is about $10,000.

I never complained. Because it's me myself that got me into this kind of trouble.
But now the question is, How I can settle it? How I can solve it?

By taking another loan?
This is surely hard, because with my already big debt how can I get another loan? And beside that, I don't know anyone else that I can borrow the money :)

What about renegotiate the loan?
This one I already do. The result is, I got to pay $1,500 a month :)

I only got 5 more days from now to settle it up. That mean $300 a day.
Wish me luck.

The only thing I can do now is pray. Because I got no more money left.

Dear God, I almost give up, but I know that you are The Almighty.
Please give me your kindness, help me solve my problems.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 19th

23rd of July, Saturday.

A day that surely I will remember. It's my wedding day!
Like magic, everything is beautiful. Thanks God!

Now it's Day 19th. I hope everything will last forever :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

How to make sure you get the loan you needed?

Today is one of the day I will always remember.
Not just because it's Friday, it's because one of my prayer is paid instantly! Isn't that a miracle?

First of all, I have an announcement, I will get married on July, 23rd. :)
Yes, that's right, you have read it right. Married. With a girl that 5 years older than me.
It will be an awesome day I believe.

With my already big debt, how come I dare to marrying someone?
That's my friend, because I believe in 7 habits (this is not Steven Covey's 7 habits)
Then what 7 habits?

They are:
1. A support, blessing and pray from our parents
2. A support, blessing and pray from our husband or our wife
3. Prayer
4. Fasting
5. Alms and philanthropy
6. Never stop learning and make ourselves worthy
7. Hospitality and socializing

From those 7 habits only number 2 the one I don't have right now. So I make my deal, I will get married this July.

Now, back to the topic. Today, I have to make down payment to catering. Because the event is next month, so everything must be ready this month.

The problem is, I don't have any money, neither my fiancee. Stupid isn't it?
Well, we believe the money will come. Just don't know when. Ha ha ha ha.

Then what's the fastest solution to our problem?
Yes, the solution is to borrow money from someone or bank.
But, I never heard a bank that can lend you money in a day.
So, the answer is to borrow money from someone.

Now, where's the miracle?
Be patience my friend...
We have tried a whole 2 days, finding someone that can lend us money. But unfortunately no one can help us.
So, with no hope, with only a little money in our pocket. On Friday prayer, I gave it all.
I gave all of my money to the mosque where I pray today.

Because I believe with the quote, "You only get, what you give."
When you give time, you'll get more time.
When you give knowledge, you'll get more knowledge.
When you give money, you'll get ......? That's right, more money.

And, it paid instantly, that afternoon, one of my senior, sending a message to my cell phone, he can help us lending the money we need. Isn't that a miracle? In the nick of time, God send us the answer for our problem.

And for closing, one more good quote:
Every problem has its own solution.
If you can't find the solution, then it is not a problem at all.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Rough Start

Never think about it. Never dream about it. But it happen.
I'm broke.
No money. Just a lot of over due debt.

How do I get into this mess? I can't really remember. But fortunately, my parents really are the greatest help. All of my credit cards debt are paid by them. And now I got a lot of loan to my own parents. Beside of course they have raise me up and take care of me until now.

But that money problem I think is everybody problem. Even one country have to loan. So how to deal with it?
You will found a lot of article about it on the internet, even a lot of book written so you can solve debt problem. But still a lot of us have problem with debt.

So again, how to deal it? How to solve it? Let me tell you. One thing for sure. You've got to change. Period.

Ha, that easy to say, but really hard to do, isn't it? Yes, indeed.
Especially, when debt collector show up and call you over and over again, or when you really need money and don't know what to do.

Do I have answer to that problem? Right now, I don't have the answer. But don't worry. Like my blog title, Let's Dream Big! Dream is everyone right. No matter who you are, what color you are, or in what country you are. Let's Dream Big. My first dream is to have more money than my already big debt.

God, I know I'm not good, so many sin, so many terrible mistakes. But please give me a chance. Make me change. Make me a better person. Amen.