Friday, June 10, 2011

How to make sure you get the loan you needed?

Today is one of the day I will always remember.
Not just because it's Friday, it's because one of my prayer is paid instantly! Isn't that a miracle?

First of all, I have an announcement, I will get married on July, 23rd. :)
Yes, that's right, you have read it right. Married. With a girl that 5 years older than me.
It will be an awesome day I believe.

With my already big debt, how come I dare to marrying someone?
That's my friend, because I believe in 7 habits (this is not Steven Covey's 7 habits)
Then what 7 habits?

They are:
1. A support, blessing and pray from our parents
2. A support, blessing and pray from our husband or our wife
3. Prayer
4. Fasting
5. Alms and philanthropy
6. Never stop learning and make ourselves worthy
7. Hospitality and socializing

From those 7 habits only number 2 the one I don't have right now. So I make my deal, I will get married this July.

Now, back to the topic. Today, I have to make down payment to catering. Because the event is next month, so everything must be ready this month.

The problem is, I don't have any money, neither my fiancee. Stupid isn't it?
Well, we believe the money will come. Just don't know when. Ha ha ha ha.

Then what's the fastest solution to our problem?
Yes, the solution is to borrow money from someone or bank.
But, I never heard a bank that can lend you money in a day.
So, the answer is to borrow money from someone.

Now, where's the miracle?
Be patience my friend...
We have tried a whole 2 days, finding someone that can lend us money. But unfortunately no one can help us.
So, with no hope, with only a little money in our pocket. On Friday prayer, I gave it all.
I gave all of my money to the mosque where I pray today.

Because I believe with the quote, "You only get, what you give."
When you give time, you'll get more time.
When you give knowledge, you'll get more knowledge.
When you give money, you'll get ......? That's right, more money.

And, it paid instantly, that afternoon, one of my senior, sending a message to my cell phone, he can help us lending the money we need. Isn't that a miracle? In the nick of time, God send us the answer for our problem.

And for closing, one more good quote:
Every problem has its own solution.
If you can't find the solution, then it is not a problem at all.

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