Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Rough Start

Never think about it. Never dream about it. But it happen.
I'm broke.
No money. Just a lot of over due debt.

How do I get into this mess? I can't really remember. But fortunately, my parents really are the greatest help. All of my credit cards debt are paid by them. And now I got a lot of loan to my own parents. Beside of course they have raise me up and take care of me until now.

But that money problem I think is everybody problem. Even one country have to loan. So how to deal with it?
You will found a lot of article about it on the internet, even a lot of book written so you can solve debt problem. But still a lot of us have problem with debt.

So again, how to deal it? How to solve it? Let me tell you. One thing for sure. You've got to change. Period.

Ha, that easy to say, but really hard to do, isn't it? Yes, indeed.
Especially, when debt collector show up and call you over and over again, or when you really need money and don't know what to do.

Do I have answer to that problem? Right now, I don't have the answer. But don't worry. Like my blog title, Let's Dream Big! Dream is everyone right. No matter who you are, what color you are, or in what country you are. Let's Dream Big. My first dream is to have more money than my already big debt.

God, I know I'm not good, so many sin, so many terrible mistakes. But please give me a chance. Make me change. Make me a better person. Amen.

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