Thursday, August 18, 2011

Three Hundred Dollars A Day

When we talk about money, I am positive that we all once have trouble with it.
Just like myself now. This month I don't know how to settle my debt that goes into $1,500.
While my whole debt is about $10,000.

I never complained. Because it's me myself that got me into this kind of trouble.
But now the question is, How I can settle it? How I can solve it?

By taking another loan?
This is surely hard, because with my already big debt how can I get another loan? And beside that, I don't know anyone else that I can borrow the money :)

What about renegotiate the loan?
This one I already do. The result is, I got to pay $1,500 a month :)

I only got 5 more days from now to settle it up. That mean $300 a day.
Wish me luck.

The only thing I can do now is pray. Because I got no more money left.

Dear God, I almost give up, but I know that you are The Almighty.
Please give me your kindness, help me solve my problems.


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