Thursday, October 27, 2011

Where is The Indonesian Youth Today?

Where is the Indonesian youth today?
Some answered, here we are!
others were not answered.
some asking the same question,
where is the Indonesian youth today?

The real question is not to be answered, nor for no answer, but we must think together, with a clear mind, a mind not troubled.

Where is the Indonesian youth today?

Oh, I see it, they were there at the school bench, at their junior high, high school, and college.

Uh, but why some are not schools, they even play in the streets, selling whatever they can sell, even begging.

Uh wait, but why some are not on the streets, they play hooky from school, with their friends, relieving stress in crazy ways.


Where is the Indonesian youth today?

Some tried to find identity
Some surrendered to fate
Some do not do anything

Some worked
Some worked hard for their family

Some continue to have fun
Some continue to complain
Some do not know anything

Some are optimistic to meet the future
Some fears waiting for tomorrow

Some healthy
Some sick

Some strong
Some weak

Where is the Indonesian youth today?

Complaining will not end anything.
Young people should not stop working, should not stop dreaming.
No complain. No upset.
No giving up.

Where is the Indonesian youth today?

Satu nusa, satu bangsa
Satu bahasa kita
Tanah air pasti jaya
Untuk slama-lamanya

Indonesia pusaka
Indonesia tercinta

Nusa bangsa dan bahasa
Kita bela bersama


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Are You Ready?

The new era has come.
All of us can see 2012 going to be a hard year.
Will be like depression in 2008.
And some of the expert said it will be even more worst.
Because American economics still not stable, meanwhile Europe is in big trouble settling their debts.

But no one can really predict the future.
Because the future is belong to ourselves.

Just like America and Europe, me right now is also need bailout.
But who can help?

Nobody can give such big amount money today.

So now it's all depend to us to make the changes.
The new era has come.
The new economy will rise.

Am I ready to changes?
Are you ready?