Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Any idea? - Life in the street

It's 00:28 am right now in Bandung, Indonesia. I never thought I could write something this late night.
But here it goes...

Whenever I see people on the street, I wonder life is really tough.
The smoke from passing vehicle, don't make the people on the street quit the jobs they do.

Most of them are drivers.
Some of them are salesman.
Some of them are homeless people.
Some of them are beggar.
And some of them are street singer.

Of course there are also bad guy there.
Like pickpocket, and crook.

As you can see, the life on the street is really tough.

Well maybe not in your street.

And the most irritating thing is that I can do nothing about it.
This is my hometown. I really hope I can do something.
Any idea?

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